Studying 13th-century work habits reveals a surprising contrast with American workers of today

Incredible as it may sound, the average modern American puts in longer hours at his or her work than the average medieval peasant.

While many people feel pressure to work long hours, even the hardest-hit victims of the “gigs economy” might assume that at least they don’t work as hard…

Treasure hunters search shipwrecks and Nazi bunkers for a trace.

They hoped to discover one of the most exciting lost treasures of the 20th century. But it was not to be.

A year ago, a team of divers announced they had found the wreck of the German steamer Karlsruhe, which…

The Bernie Gunther series sets a high mark for historical thrillers

A group of watercolor landscapes went on sale at a German auction house, supposedly the work of a young and impoverished Adolf Hitler while he was struggling as an artist in Vienna. …

The mystery of the hijacker who resembled a businessman has never been solved

It was November 24, 1971 and a rainy afternoon in Portland, Oregon. A man walked up to the flight counter of Northwest Orient Airlines. He wore a dark raincoat, a dark suit with a skinny black tie, a clean white shirt, and loafers. …

The star suddenly died just as he was finding fame in America

On July 20th, 1973, Bruce Lee, 32 years old, was one of the most revered martial arts practitioners in the world, a student of philosophy, and a charismatic actor whose hotly anticipated film Enter the Dragon was a month away from release.

This was also Bruce Lee’s last day alive.

The best way to learn about history? Listen to these provocative podcasts

This spring, I spotted this post on Facebook: “I’ve never ever listened to a podcast and I don’t understand why anyone does.” And then, just this past weekend, an artist friend confessed to a group discussing favorite media…

Is the rough-around-the-edges royal an early version of Prince Harry?

The many headlines generated by Prince Harry, younger son of Prince Charles, may inspire one to look back in time and see how unruly royals fared in the past. Let’s travel back to the early 19th century.

This prince was a middle son in a very large royal family, not…

Did the British novelist express herself most honestly in short stories?

In a Daphne du Maurier short story, the most ordinary moment can shift to one soaked in fear.

Near the end of du Maurier’s short story “The Apple Tree,” a widower delivers firewood to the local pub and stays for a few drinks before driving home in a blinding snowstorm…

The question of who brutally killed Sir Harry Oakes, favorite golf pal of the Duke of Windsor, has tormented cold-case aficionados for almost 80 years

It was July 8, 1943, an hour after dawn. It was a time and a season for everything to be quiet and slow-moving on the island of New Providence in the Bahamas. But not this morning. Frantic phone calls destroyed the drowsy, sultry calm. …

Does Henry VIII’s oldest daughter deserve her bad reputation?

Bloody Mary is the name of a drink that commonly contains booze and tomato juice and sometimes contains a dash of Worcestershire sauce, cayenne pepper, lemon, salt, black pepper, and a vigorous celery stalk. …

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Passionate about history, pop culture, the perfect bagel. Author of 5 historical novels. Latest book: ‘Dreamland’

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