The mystery of the hijacker who resembled a businessman has never been solved

Original FBI sketch of the hijacker, based on eyewitnesses.

The star suddenly died just as he was finding fame in America

Bruce Lee

Is the rough-around-the-edges royal an early version of Prince Harry?

William IV, a fairly glamourized portrait

Did the British novelist express herself most honestly in short stories?

Daphne du Maurier

The question of who brutally killed Sir Harry Oakes, favorite golf pal of the Duke of Windsor, has tormented cold-case aficionados for almost 80 years

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor. Source: Wikimedia

Joseph Merrick, photographed in 1889, the year before his death. Source: Wikipedia.

Nathan’s Famous Hotdogs, a Coney Island mainstay

The Oriental Hotel, on the Atlantic a mile from Coney Island’s parks

Nancy Bilyeau

Passionate about history, pop culture, the perfect bagel. Author of 5 historical novels. Latest book: ‘Dreamland’

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