• Valerie Michaels

    Valerie Michaels

    Media entrepreneur and documentary film producer www.40mmmedia.com

  • Entcounsel


    Digital Marketing law office for #entrepreneurs #creatives (IP, #entertainment, #startups, #copyright, #defamation, #socialmedia law,etc). Art agent @garytaxali

  • Manuel Dornbusch

    Manuel Dornbusch

    reader, it-consultant, love funny things, passionate

  • Fr Brad Sweet

    Fr Brad Sweet

    Catholic Priest | Prêtre catholique PhD (Ed) @unisa PhD (Th) @UFSweb Post doc @McGillU #Veteran #AncienCombattant #RCN English | Français | Deutsch

  • Andréa Maria Cecil

    Andréa Maria Cecil

    Career writer and editor. Passionate about storytelling.

  • Barbara


    Tweets from tiny village in Galicia, NW Spain. Hunts stories. Loves rocks, words and dew drops on cabbage leaves. Also tweets at @womenwriters

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